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Quality Afterschool Standards

The quality afterschool standards provide information for parents looking for a quality afterschool program to enrich their children's lives and have them be safe and secure.

Locating an Afterschool Program in Your Community

Many resources are available to assist parents trying to find quality afterschool programs in their area. Please visit the sources below to find out more information about afterschool in your area.

Florida's Public Libraries

Florida's public libraries offer your children many opportunities for extended learning in a fun environment throughout the year, including:

  • Enjoyable and educational after school programs.
  • Summer library programs for varying ages.
  • Services to assist children with homework and reading assignments.

Find a public library in your area to learn more, or contact Jana Fine, Youth Services Consultant for the Bureau of Library Development, at 850.245.6629!

State-wide Community Based Organizations

A great way to find quality afterschool programs, or to involve your child in activities after the school day, is to look at organizations within your community. Below are some organizations that have locations throughout the state of Florida.

  • Afterschool Programs offers information about quality programs in Broward, Collier, Dade and Orange counties. Visit their website for more information.
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of Florida allows parents to get their children involved in a mentoring program outside of school. Check out the state website,, to look for opportunities in your area.
  • The Florida Alliance of Boys and Girls Clubs offers many different types of programs for parents to enroll their children into, and is available throughout the state. For more information on the state alliance, or to find a contact for the program in your area, visit
  • Florida 4-H offers many programs and curriculum to engage students in a variety of topics. Florida and local 4-H offices also offer summer camps for youth members. For more information about the state organization, and how to involve your child, visit
  • Many YMCAs offer afterschool programs and classes for students that related to the community interests. For more information, or to find a YMCA in your area, visit

Florida Summer Camps and Programs

Its never too early to plan for the summer, and Florida has many fun and educational programs available for students to participate in. To find available summer camps in Florida, and ways to access more information about these camps, try visiting the following websites:

Summer Care Checklist for School-Age Children

The Summer Care Checklist was designed to assist parents evaluate summer care options for their school-age children. Visit several camps using this questionnaire to identify if minimal quality standards are being met.


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